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The HumanCar is a street legal human powered car. It's loads of fun!
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What if we could create a new road way intelligently designed to eliminate traffic and accidents? Our concept is the . The HumanCar fits upon it and is powered by it. Proximity sensors would prevent bumping and an off ramp would send you on your way back to home. Sound like a fantasy? Take a visit to Mexico City and you may think again...

Let's deconstruct our concept. The sections of the guideway can be pressure formed from recycled material such as tires and craned into place like building blocks. Imagine a SyncGuideway track from Edmonds to Olympia, over to N. Bend and back. (Place your city here)

Standard safety systems like laser proximity cruise control and airbags are easily adoptable as the LMV fits a specific solution for several timely issues. The concept of modular sections and upgradeable LM Vehicles instantly makes a monorail system seem like a dinosaur.

Integrated into corporate campus design the SyncGuideway could be a huge benefit. Corporate campus integration is the most immediate application and one that can be implemented the most efficiently.

Declaration of LMV standards

Preliminary Specifications:

  • In order to create the narrowest practical lane width a track width is specified at 48.5 inches (1232 mm), defined as the distance between the inside face of the wheel rims. Both front and rear track shall be the same. Tire size and wheel base dimensions are not specified, but such vehicles shall be able to negotiate a 30 foot radius circle.
  • Suspension components shall be configured so that lateral movement of the wheel position is less than plus or minus 1/16th of one inch.
  • Room shall be provided for a one inch wide flange facing inward on each wheel rim.
  • In general, interface to a track width of 1.2 Meters (47.24”) shall be provided.
  • Bulkheads shall be constructed with 2.00” diameter locating holes spaced 24.00 inches apart, twelve inches on either side of the vehicle centerline, and that four 0.375” diameter holes on a 3.250” bolt circle shall be concentric to the centerlines of the aforementioned holes, with the 3/8ths diameter holes arranged in a square and level pattern.
  • Minimum unloaded vehicle weight shall be 200 pounds, and gross vehicle weight shall not exceed 1500 pounds.
  • Auxiliary power sources shall be regulated to restrict vehicle speed to 25 mph.
  • All other D.O.T. guidelines shall be followed.
Rendering of the SyncGuideway.
Diagram of HumanCar fitting onto the SyncGuidway.
Overview  |  Design  |  Teambuilding  |  Applications  |  SyncGuideway  |  Blog  |  Global Warning FAQ | Videos | Store
The HumanCar is patented technology featuring: Bodysteer, SyncGuideway, SafeRail About | News | Contact
  The HumanCar is a radical reduction in the footprint mankind leaves in the environment | electrical regenerative vehicle | alternative energy