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The HumanCar® ImagineTM is an electric/human hybrid powered car. Four people rock it like an engine....
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Note: FM4 and 189 mph Research Rod share chassis design

Tech/Health/Security/Sustainable Mobility and Social Implications Document (.pdf)

Why a HumanCar®? You are safe, healthy, sustainable and non-dependent on foreign resources.

Funding opportunites exist now. Contact.

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HumanCar photo

Welcome new team rider Mr. Stephen Brand - ImagineTM prototype body renderings on white above. Shots at our R/D center for new Discovery Channel show.

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Wired Magazine Autopia Blog

Wired Magazine checks out the HumanCar.

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HumanCar lands on the Google Video Home page

Over 85 thousand views and counting.

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Our New Beauty

F1 and aerospace technology sets a new benchmark for USA.


Dealers needed for worldwide distribution

We are manufacturing advanced electric/human hybrid street legal cars with 3 models now.

HumanCar Inc. is a boutique high-tech design firm in Oregon ready to market our street-legal electric/human powered car

Partnerships, international sales channels, sponsorships, fleet requests, technology alliancees, interested parties- email us


HumanCar, Inc. präsentiert das Auto der Zukunft - das neue HumanCar®. Dies ist Ihre Gelegenheit für eine Geldanlage mit grossem Wachstumspotential. Für Anregegungen und Fragen sind wir jederzeit dankbar. Geniessen Sie die Revolution - das HumanCar!   HumanCar, Inc., le presenta el HumanCar (CocheHumano). Actualmente hay oportunidades para hacer inversiones. Recibimos todos sus observaciones y sugerencias. ¡Goce la experiencia del HumanCar!   HumanCar, Inc. gli presenta la HumanCar (MacchinaUmana). Ci sono dell'opportunitá di fare investimenti. Accogliamo i vostri osservazioni e suggerimenti. Gode l'esperienza del HumanCar!   HumanCar Inc. a l'honneur de vous présenter "The Human Car". Les possibilités d'investissements sont actuellement disponibles. Toutes suggestions et commentaires sont bienvenues. Prenez plaisir à découvrir "The Human Car".

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The Imagine features an exoskeletal safety cage chassis, dual electric motors, variable human power input, Body-SteeringTM patented chassis, navigation, wi-fi, and SyncGuidewayTM compatibility as standard equipment. It retails for $15k.
Navigation and communications system features voice operated T2S2T (text 2 speech 2 text) Internet functionality.
Plug-in iPod "blast-zone" stereo standard
Stay hooked-up. Integrated H-chat to VOX Communications system to live feed audio/video chat to other H-chat groups and individuals. You know where the party is. Always.
RFID locator
AWD optional
Full graphics kit compliment. Just like your dirt bike.
Mad cup holders, A/C, heater, blower, standard.
Biometrics- Temps., bpm, calorie and physiological systems monitors. Feedback.
Full power capsule, windows, locks, mirrors and wipers.
Launch Mode. Full-Lockout burn-out feature. Clown someone.
The deal: 15k (It's a hot rod) - First 1000 vehicles "Launch Series"

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The HumanCar is patented technology featuring: Bodysteer, SyncGuideway, SafeRail About | News | Contact
  The HumanCar is a radical reduction in the footprint mankind leaves in the environment | electrical regenerative vehicle | alternative energy