The HumanCar is able to be utilized as a mobile power station.

The HumanCar is able to be utilized as a mobile power station.

It may power remote electronics or be used as an uninterruptible power source at any home or business location.

The HumanCar chassis is designed to last 100 years eliminating rapid depreciation and parts replacement cycles.

The HumanCar is power agnostic, meaning as battery and motor technology catches up, new enhancements and technology are simple ‘plug and play’ components for the advanced HumanCar.

Like an operating system for your computer the HumanCar may be upgraded as motor and battery technology catches up.

Thus, we are eliminating designed obsolescence and benefiting all the way through the usable life cycle of one century.

This alone creates a disruptive path for other manufacturers to follow.

Transitioning from advanced prototypes to production vehicles and components requires an array of local and international partners.

HumanCar is designed to create a more efficient way for humans to move, stay healthy and create a better future for next generations.

To have healthy people and a healthy planet is a simple goal to be met with the new-school technology from HumanCar.

HumanCar® Inc. – Human Powered Monorail & SyncGuideway™ pt 4 – 2.5kW !


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