Open letter to the rowing community and anyone curious about mechanics of HC ‘pulse’

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Open letter to the rowing community and anyone curious about mechanics of HC ‘pulse’

This is Charley Greenwood, P.E., chief engineer at HumanCar, Inc. We greatly appreciate your feedback and look forward to the opportunity to meet with you, have you try our system and hear your suggestions.

Adapting a full body exercise machine to a vehicle has been a challenging project. Both parts must work together in harmony or you’ve got trouble. That’s why the REAR positions are more like a normal rowing stroke with an ab/peck/lat push back on the return stroke. We place the peak resistance in mid-stroke for both directions of power, and this becomes part of the “teamwork component” where you let the next person in the “firing order” power you through the ends of the stroke. When done properly you can experience a torque curve very much like a conventional engine. Exciting power levels have been achieved, hitting 2,000 watts for a four person team in Chicago with large medical students from Madrid.

The front positions “dial down” some of the potential power so that you have something left for the “body steering” inputs. As the FM-4 has performed well going around steep downhill corners at 60 mph, we’re happy with how the vehicles handle.

We had the opportunity to take our dyno to the Cycle Oregon stop over near here last September. A Kona “Bear” was specially fitted to interface to the dyno, and a number of volunteers went for their maximum power readings. These varied from 300 watts up to 930 watts for cyclists. I’m a sunny day cyclist, not a serious one, so my power was 375 watts with no toe clips and 550 with them. Later that day on the same dyno, I put out 1,350 watts by myself on the FM-4.

I believe you will find our mechanism an interesting variation on the rowing concept, and I look forward to testing one of our vehicles with you on board.


Charles Greenwood P.E.


2016 HumanCar® Imagine™ mkII

Hello It's us again! This is an update for the 2016 year projects. Bottom Line the story line continues! Stay tuned in for some new updates quite shortly, we had a moment to get up here and refresh some content to keep you informed. Thank you for all of your support world, we are not forgetting about you ! HumanCar® orders, investor relations and press call +1 541.592.4100


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Specifications for HumanCar® Products

“We’re hot rod builders, dirt bike riders, bicycling enthusiasts, and we love all kind of sports, with or without machines, with or without electronics. We love healthy people. You and your family will power yourselves down to the store and back.” -Charles S. Greenwood PE, HumanCar® Inventor

Specifications HC Imagine_PS™
* PHEV plug-in hybrid e-vehicle
* V2G Compatible
* Full body biometric input
* BodySteer™ Patented Chassis
* > 100 mpg equiv.
* SyncGuideway™ compatible
* Street legal low mass vehicle
* Mobile power station 110 A/C
Imagine PS – PHEV NEV
The Imagine PS from HumanCar® is the world’s first bionic -human hybrid. It’s also a mobile power generator w/ 110v AC out.

A 1kW compact power gen.
* Compact suitcase sized
* 1 or 2 person
* 110v AC out

* 350kg supercar
* 150mph++
* “Fun as hell”
* Full exotic interface/motors