HumanCar enters new territory as both a viable option and the “world’s most efficient car”

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HumanCar enters new territory as both a viable option and the “world’s most efficient car”

HumanCar enters new territory as both a viable option and the “world’s most efficient car”

Deep Forest, OREGON USA – For a state of the art film crew from the D.C. area and a crew from Sotokoto Magazine in Tokyo, Prof. Charles Samuel Greenwood P.E. slung his Gibson Les Paul Custom over his shoulder and was about to change history. His son Chuck was quietly charging the HumanCar Imagine PS on board generator to create the electricity needed for thousands of watts for the rack of amps stacked up by the car.

As Mr. Greenwood plugged his custom amplifier system into the Imagine PS and played at full concert volume; the entire valley echoed with Jimi Hendrix “Little Wing”. As the professor played Hendrix at 100db, it was evident to the crowd they were witnessing the definition of sustainable and disruptive technology at once. He was playing music at stadium volume from the Imagine PS, a LMV mobile power station.

“The possibilities seem endless when we consider the entire field of low wattage devices and even efficient off-grid home scenarios, rarely do we see real and tangible devices like a car that does not use gas and creates electricity as well as good health” says his son Chuck, the CEO of the industrial design firm, HumanCar Inc., “it’s this future-forward mentality that is embraced by countries like Japan and Switzerland. HC is hyper-global. We are targeting answers for future generations and fueled by 30 year old organic gardens 100 feet from where the car was manufactured. The thread is one and the same. To have a healthy society means efficient mobility and power generation combined with exercise and good nutrition. It’s crucial to combine all these factors into a solution like the Imagine PS. It’s a start in the right direction, HC offers open source engineering to progress this notion and amplify the level of discussion to all countries with elements like the SyncGuideway. We are in this together.”

As a part of a 200 year business plan from HumanCar, the vehicles all are designed to be compatible with what the company calls a ‘SyncGuideway’ an ultra light rail system which the vehicles may fit on to. The grid then may power the vehicles as well as the ability for the vehicle to actually power the grid, a process known as V2G or vehicle to grid. When larger scale photovoltaic panels are integrated into the parking structures the circuit is “very efficient with the benefit of a healthy population and economic freedom associated with the zero-use of fossil fuels”, Mr. Greenwood says, “you and your family will power yourselves to the store and back. Get ready for some exciting hardware.”

About the company: HumanCar® Inc. is a private industrial design firm specializing in advanced vehicle design and human machine interfaces. It currently manufactures several models including a 300kph Research Rod™, the FM4 (fully manual) the Imagine PS, the DUET GEN™ and the HOTTI™ a 350kg e-supercar. HC Engineering HC Foundation


2016 HumanCar® Imagine™ mkII

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Specifications for HumanCar® Products

“We’re hot rod builders, dirt bike riders, bicycling enthusiasts, and we love all kind of sports, with or without machines, with or without electronics. We love healthy people. You and your family will power yourselves down to the store and back.” -Charles S. Greenwood PE, HumanCar® Inventor

Specifications HC Imagine_PS™
* PHEV plug-in hybrid e-vehicle
* V2G Compatible
* Full body biometric input
* BodySteer™ Patented Chassis
* > 100 mpg equiv.
* SyncGuideway™ compatible
* Street legal low mass vehicle
* Mobile power station 110 A/C
Imagine PS – PHEV NEV
The Imagine PS from HumanCar® is the world’s first bionic -human hybrid. It’s also a mobile power generator w/ 110v AC out.

A 1kW compact power gen.
* Compact suitcase sized
* 1 or 2 person
* 110v AC out

* 350kg supercar
* 150mph++
* “Fun as hell”
* Full exotic interface/motors