HumanCar® Design Overview

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HumanCar® Design Overview

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“The HumanCar is an arrangement of mechanical parts that convert oscillatory motion into rotational motion about one axis. Simultaneously, it converts oscillatory motion about another axis into oscillatory motion about an axis connected to a reference frame.
The energy available from multiple human beings is converted by the mechanism into rotational power creating useful work, such as to propel a wheeled frame capable of supporting the mechanism and its occupants. A bi-directional power interface allows occupants to face forward or backward or in any combination. If each pair of occupants is placed back-to-back, and each adjacent pair is caused to create a controlled torque about a crankshaft, then power pulses may be balanced as much as possible about the crank shaft. The leaning motion from one or more occupants controls direction through a system of connecting members.
Participants may all face forward or backward or in any combination. If each pair of occupants is placed back-to-back, and each adjacent pair is caused to create rotational power pulses which are balanced as much as possible about the crank shaft, then the most efficient use of the mechanism may be obtained.”
Version one proves it’s possible. The giant benefit that results is a singular plyometric exercise that does not exist outside of this platform. The HumanCar is based upon original technology that has deep roots in automotive technology. The vehicle shown is of similar concept, with an aircraft quality steel tube ‘space-frame’ chassis, all hand built. This vehicle is very fast, and handles great. The HumanCar has proven to be the same.”
Charles S. Greenwood PE,
HumanCar Inventor


2016 HumanCar® Imagine™ mkII

Hello It's us again! This is an update for the 2016 year projects. Bottom Line the story line continues! Stay tuned in for some new updates quite shortly, we had a moment to get up here and refresh some content to keep you informed. Thank you for all of your support world, we are not forgetting about you ! HumanCar® orders, investor relations and press call +1 541.592.4100


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Specifications for HumanCar® Products

“We’re hot rod builders, dirt bike riders, bicycling enthusiasts, and we love all kind of sports, with or without machines, with or without electronics. We love healthy people. You and your family will power yourselves down to the store and back.” -Charles S. Greenwood PE, HumanCar® Inventor

Specifications HC Imagine_PS™
* PHEV plug-in hybrid e-vehicle
* V2G Compatible
* Full body biometric input
* BodySteer™ Patented Chassis
* > 100 mpg equiv.
* SyncGuideway™ compatible
* Street legal low mass vehicle
* Mobile power station 110 A/C
Imagine PS – PHEV NEV
The Imagine PS from HumanCar® is the world’s first bionic -human hybrid. It’s also a mobile power generator w/ 110v AC out.

A 1kW compact power gen.
* Compact suitcase sized
* 1 or 2 person
* 110v AC out

* 350kg supercar
* 150mph++
* “Fun as hell”
* Full exotic interface/motors