HumanCar new design for 2015

Yes we have been working on the version 3 model and simply can’t wait to share it with you. For those of you whom have been following us from every point on the globe – THANK YOU!


World’s most advanced electric hybrid / mobile power station – No Gas Required

About HumanCar® Inc. – Imagine_PS™ PHEV Electric Car & DuetGen™ Power Generator visit for more information

HumanCar® Inc. is an industrial design firm in Deep Forest, OR. We make the 189mph biofuel research rod, the iconic FM4 ‘Troublemaker’ and the new Imagine_PS™ LMV, HOTTi™ sedan (mobile power station/low mass vehicle plug-in hybrid) and DUETGEN™ mobile power station. “Welcome to the future”

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2013 HumanCar Imagine PS “Exotic” has arrived – ORDERS

An incredible amount of fine tuning has been accomplished with the 2011, and 2012 versions of the Imagine. The previous units are quite quick yet the new version has 10x the power and as much attention to handling.

We are offering a bundle of options with the ready to purchase right now with the 2013 Imagine PS ‘Exotic’.


HumanCar Product Options


Brand new DuetGen™ has arrived

(Please send us a note on the contact form if you are interested in a preorder for a DuetGen™- Thank you.)

Welcome to the future. This is the HumanCar® Inc. engineered and developed DuetGen™ portable human-power generator. One of the most powerful human-electric generators in the world. It creates enough power to run a variety of electrical appliances such as water purification systems, communications/computers, LED lighting and in this example, two amplifiers. One person powering twice a day for 30 minutes is enough to power a small refrigerator. For remote locations and scenarios with a need for portable human powered electricity the DuetGen™ provides a game changing solution. Welcome to the future. HumanCar®


The HumanCar is able to be utilized as a mobile power station.

The HumanCar is able to be utilized as a mobile power station.

It may power remote electronics or be used as an uninterruptible power source at any home or business location.

The HumanCar chassis is designed to last 100 years eliminating rapid depreciation and parts replacement cycles.

The HumanCar is power agnostic, meaning as battery and motor technology catches up, new enhancements and technology are simple ‘plug and play’ components for the advanced HumanCar.

Like an operating system for your computer the HumanCar may be upgraded as motor and battery technology catches up.

Thus, we are eliminating designed obsolescence and benefiting all the way through the usable life cycle of one century.

This alone creates a disruptive path for other manufacturers to follow.

Transitioning from advanced prototypes to production vehicles and components requires an array of local and international partners.

HumanCar is designed to create a more efficient way for humans to move, stay healthy and create a better future for next generations.

To have healthy people and a healthy planet is a simple goal to be met with the new-school technology from HumanCar.

HumanCar® Inc. – Human Powered Monorail & SyncGuideway™ pt 4 – 2.5kW !


2011 Human Car Imagine PS™ – ON BOARD TEST DRIVE w/ 3 launches

This video has now reached well over 1 million minds…


The Imagine PS PHEV – a platform for future vehicles

You are looking at a race car, a pure muscle car that envelopes the direction the human species is rapidly evolving towards. The car you are looking at is also a mobile power station able to power remote electronics and water purification systems. The patented chassis has open-standards engineering such as a 1.2m width to accommodate the futuristic sync-guideway system developed by HumanCar® Inc. This vehicle is the culmination of over 30 years of high-level scientific research and development with a chassis derived from Formula 1 and advanced rocket technology. Charles Samuel Greenwood P.E. Chief Scientist at HumanCar Inc. inventor and innovator has personally helped thousands of participants utilize HumanCar technology. This library of human-power research and interface design is one of the largest in the world.


What’s new at HumanCar August 2011

Perhaps you may have noticed we’ve been concentrating on building the next-generation HumanCar series vehicles and staying off-radar for a while.

If you have made it all the way to this thread then you deserve to see the very latest and until recently, quite confidential images and news.

First off, we are in a full build cycle with an enclosed ‘safety-car’ version of the Imagine PS PHEV. We had dubbed it the ‘E4′ with a trademark and just a few months ago a vehicle called the E4 came across our desks. No biggy, we have plenty of names.
The main concept behind HumanCar is we are working towards large scale social benefits, as much as we are working towards global clean-technology benefits.